The Analytics Spectrum

Training Paths

Data Science

Accelerate your career in data science
by mastering concepts of  Statistics,
Machine Learning, R programming, Python and R server

| 140 hours Instructor-led class Room training |
| Global Certification on R |

Microsoft official Curriculum

Big Data Visualization

Learn how to fasten the power of analytics to make better decisions and advance your career.
100 hours Instructor – led Class Room training.

| SQL | | Power BI | | Tableau || Excel | | Analytics Concepts |

Microsoft Official Curriculum
Hands on Case Studies 

Datatrek Edge

Pioneer in Analytics Training

Taught by full time faculty of excellent pedigree who shuttle between Analytics implementations & training

Comprehensive Training

Learn Business analytics & Data science your way at comfortable pace.

Hands-on Projects

Be industry ready by doing multiple projects which you can showcase to build your credibility and expertise in Data Science

Personalised Attention

Learn in class of 15 so that there is no compromise to the Individual attention that you get.

Career Support

Career support that helps you prepare and convert for relevant opportunities in analytics

Build Your ePortfolio

Get trained in Data Science skills and Analytical tools required to build careers in Data Science & Business Analytics 

Corporate Offering

Does your organization have a pressing need to address serious skill gaps within your technical team?

We provide a range of customized training packages that suit your organization’s needs to help achieve bottom line business objectives.

Transform from a knowing culture to a data culture

Want to make your people Data smart?

A comprehensive, end to end
solution to all your training needs

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Workshop on Data Science
& Business Analytics

This workshop is designed to introduce participants to Data Science & Analytics as a space and help them gain insights into Analytics applications across domains. The hands-on Workshop also introduces R sever with a case-study.

Date : 23rd June 2018      Time: 10:30 AM