Data Science

Accelerate your career in data science
by mastering concepts of  Statistics,
Machine Learning, R programming Python and R server

| 140 Hours Instructor-LED class Room training | Global Certification on R |
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“Data Analytics Jobs Expected to Double in 2018”

~ The Hindu Business Line

Whoever unlocks the reams of data and uses it strategically will win.

~ Angela Ahrendts, Apple
Data Science is a blend of various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles with the goal to discover hidden patterns from the raw data.Prepares, manipulates and analyzes data.
Tells stories with data. Provides insights from data to guide business decisions
Expect to learn
Perform data analysis, modelling, predictive analysis, and story-telling through data visualization which is crucial to business decision-making.
Help Companies make critical decisions through analysis, modelling, visualization, etc.


Data Science Concepts
  • Statistical Methods

  • Central Tendency & Dispersion

  • Advance Probability Concepts

  • Probability Distributions

  • Sampling & Estimation

  • Hypothesis Testing: One Sample Tests

  • Chi-Square Analysis


  • Correlation

  • Linear Regression

Data Mining & Machine Learning
  • Data Mining Concepts

  • Logistic Regression

  • Introduction to Data Mining

  • Decision Trees

  • Neural Networks

  • Cluster Analysis

  • Factor Analysis

  • Discriminanat Methods

  • Market Basket Analysis & Association Rules

  • Linear Regression

R Programming
  • Basics of R Programming (variables, data types, vectors, functions, etc.,)

  • Advanced R Programming (Data structures, Reading data, statistical graphics, control statements, loops, data reshaping.)

  • Probability distributions in R (Normal, Binomial, Poisson)

  • Basic Statistics in R

  • Linear Models in R Model Diagnostics in R (Residuals, Comparing models, stepwise selection.)

R Server
  • Microsoft R Server & R Clients

  • Exploring Big Data

  • Visualizing Big Data

  • Processing Big Data

  • Parallelizing Analysis Operations

  • Creating & Evaluation Regression Models

  • Creating & Evaluation Partitioning Models

  • Processing Big Data in SQL Server and Hadoop

  • Overview of Python – similarities with and differences from R

  • Control Statements – Implementing iterations and conditions

  • Strings and Text Files – Accessing Characters and Substrings

  • Numpy Basic – Arrays and Vectorized Computation

  • Working with Pandas – Data structures, summary statistics and descriptive statistics

  • Pandas – Handling missing data, indexing of data

  • Data Manipulation – Merging datasets, pivoting data, data transformation, string manipulation


Become a Data Scientist

Launch your career in data science
by Mastering statistics,
R Programming, Data Mining,
Data Machine Learning and R Server

Global Recognition

This course leads to
Analyzing Big Data
with Microsoft
R Global Certification

Comprehensive Curriculum

Industry-relevant Microsoft official course curriculum, with applications in multiple domains taught by highly experienced subject Matter Experts

This program is packed with exercises and simulated labs on large data sets on Microsoft Official Curriculum

Regular evaluation and remedies are an integral part of the program.

Capstone projects on large data sets are undertaken by participants, under faculty guidance.

A participation certificate and an azure pass of $ 100 is given to every participant at the end of course

Who should attend?

Engineering and IT Students

M Sc (Stats),MBA or BBA graduates

Aspirant in research, Data modelling, Big Data & more

Professionals looking to upgrade to Data analytics domain

Career Impact

Thanks to the digital revolution that is sweeping the world and India in particular, data ​scientists are now the most sought-after professionals by big corporations as well as startups. And companies across industries are rewarding good ​data ​analysts​ and scientists​ with desirable career growth and salaries.